Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One more thing

tree doll, originally uploaded by annieoakleaves.

im putting this girl in the shop and she has the option of your own initials carved into and a pair of love birds of your color choice to go with the initials!! Coming soon...big bad wolf in grandmas nightie to go with little red!

just popping in!

little red, originally uploaded by annieoakleaves.

to say Hi and let everyone know I added some more to the shop.Thank you to everyone for the fantastic samples Ive been getting and if there is anyone who volunteered that hasnt received anything yet please let me know! toodles!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

New patterns :)

I've listed another pattern set today. The original turned out to be way to large to turn into a reasonable pdf so we broke it down into groups.Im really excited about them. These were stitched by the fabulous Kristi and put together by me.The set includes this eenie,a cute little bird in a dress and my acorn girl. The next set will be puppy,kitty,turtle, and pig. Thank you for all of the love with the Christmas patterns. There has been some wonderful samples made.How is everyone doing? Tonight just the girls and I are home.We planted fall bulbs and are cleaning up some construction mess from the bathrooms(yes that is still going on)I was informed that when I say "we" are cleaning something that means them so I decided to agree and let them have at it. lol someday they will understand how much work management is! It was really hot here today I really didnt think it was going to be hot again. Hopefully the whole weekend will be nice. Ok so Im off to supervise ;)have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Wild-Acorns, originally uploaded by Chuck Harkins.

Ok we are getting there! Do you like the new look of the blog? My d.o.h. has spent the last two days working on my website so it made me want to work on the blog a little.Somewhere along the line in uploading this template I lost my links and everything. We have a page of links on the new site so if I had you or you have me on yours let me know so I can add it to the list. You would not believe the fantastic samples I have been getting from my test stitchers.. Great work everyone! and so fast. yay!
Its crazy around the Oakleaves household lately,tonight I got everything out that needs finishing touches before I put them in the shop. I cant wait to show you what Ive been up to lately,you will be so surprised. (at least I hope you will,I cant believe it myself) The new site is HERE there isnt alot there yet but you can check it out!! Night everyone!!!

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