Wednesday, August 26, 2009

an FYI just incase you are ever down

you should go here
rip glen :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

my theme song for the rest of 09

if you are feeling old this is perfect!

I feel like all of my posts should start out as sorry!!!

I think finally Iam to the point that I can catch up. I fell Saturday so Iam using this downtime to catch up and add photos to flickr,here,facebook and myspace.My plan is to list some of the things I have in the shop on the website so all of you who arent close to here can have a chance to purchase some of the amazing things Iam getting in. Iam so thankful to all of the artists who are bringing things to the shop and sending things in. I just love it!! Ilove having my own workspace and sometimes spend 10 hours a day creating away. Its also been a wonderful time for me to get closer with my daughters and Iam very thankful for that.
Here are a few pics,the rest are on flickr! I miss everyone,if you have the chance please come out,its beautiful!

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