Monday, August 17, 2009

I feel like all of my posts should start out as sorry!!!

I think finally Iam to the point that I can catch up. I fell Saturday so Iam using this downtime to catch up and add photos to flickr,here,facebook and myspace.My plan is to list some of the things I have in the shop on the website so all of you who arent close to here can have a chance to purchase some of the amazing things Iam getting in. Iam so thankful to all of the artists who are bringing things to the shop and sending things in. I just love it!! Ilove having my own workspace and sometimes spend 10 hours a day creating away. Its also been a wonderful time for me to get closer with my daughters and Iam very thankful for that.
Here are a few pics,the rest are on flickr! I miss everyone,if you have the chance please come out,its beautiful!


Christine said...

I feel the same way..I feel like those who come to my blog are over at my house and I'm the bad hostess with now food that disappears off in the house somewhere for long periods of time!

Your boutique looks fantastic..I hope that you look back and are proud of making this dream come true!!

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