Friday, May 30, 2008


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I put a few things in the shop tonight. I still have so much more to go.I need to get the rest of the pyrex out of the garage which may take me awhile in this condition. Iam developing a love hate relationship with the couch. Yesterday I watched Waiting to Exhale ( i love that movie) and embroidered.Im anxious to get my appt with the ortho surg over with.My foot is mostly useless and the longer I stay off of it the more useless it becomes and I dont know if you knew this or not but crutches are not kind to big girls,I keep pinching my fat between the crutch and my underwire! lol The happy note of all this is Iam finally getting together a years worth or embroidery patterns I have made.Iam making samples and having pdfs made.I will be so glad to finally have that done.I will give you a little preview soon. :) xoxo

Thursday, May 29, 2008


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So what have I been doing? Not finishing this poor girl thats for sure.I went to the DR. for my foot the other day. I have a partially ruptured achilles tendon.Now Iam just waiting for an appt with the ortho surg to see if I need surgery or not.They told me at the very least I need to stay off of it for 4 weeks.arrrggghhh!Im thinking at least that way there probably wont be any more disasters to hit this house (knock on wood) haha. If you know of any good handsewing patterns online please send them my way.I used to think it would be great fun to stay at home on the couch all day and have people wait on me. The fun lasted about an hour. :) Anyway I will let you know when I do a shop update. Sorry Iam so behind. xoxoxo

Saturday, May 24, 2008

whoa sweet nellie

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Arent they so very sweet? I wonder how many I need to have before Iam an official Sweet Nellie collector.Im getting so behind on this,I have some fantastic things from Heidi I want to show you too but Im waiting for a certain birthday to be over before I do.
Those of you know how many near disasters I have been thru in the last few months will not be surprised to find out that I fell in a hole a few days ago.I heard something snap 3 times as I was falling.I think it was tendons or ligaments or something (?) Can you believe it? Carol says my house is cursed. lol I think maybe we need to build a rubber room and hide in it so nothing else happens.On the brighter side Iam getting lots of embroidery done :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

quick little thought about how old Iam getting

This weekend I went to a bridal shower and I had made the bride a cute little red with white polka dot fabric apron.I embroidered Mrs.(her new last name) on the pocket. It was really cute and a big hit.The interesting part about it was when she tied it on she tied it low slung on her hips,like girls wear their pants now days.(which was very cute and funny) I had to show her where it really goes,which was a good 6 inches higher than where she had it tied.It never occured to me that current styles would effect how ones apron would be worn. Just an interesting thing I never thought of and it definately makes me realize my age.

Another reason why Im feeling old is the swiffer. I loved my old swiffer. Having a little bulldog that sheds enough to make another dog daily,I swiffer several times a day.I loved the old swiffer with the retro green color and how well it picked up the hair.Unfortnately one day it just snapped. I went and bought a "new and improved" swiffer.Can I just say it makes me miserable.It has bumps on the bottom so its not getting all the hair. I find myself sweeping with the broom before I swiffer and its still not getting youre wondering what this has to do with me being old? I wrote a letter and complained.I remember my grandma and her poison pen writing the newspaper and everywhere else she could think of when ever she wasnt happy with something. Even the neighbors,or better yet she would even write the newspaper about her neighbors and they would publish it. I dont remember it ever getting her anywhere.
Well it didnt really get me anywhere either. I got a letter back saying thats the way it is and if I sent them my address they would send me some coupons. yay
Ok enough griping. I need to go take pictures of some fabulous things I got in the mail this past week. Its been like Christmas. Oh and guess what,finally,another shop update in the morning. I finally have good pyrex pics. :) toodles

Friday, May 16, 2008

A day late.....

But better late than never I guess.I just did a shop update,it hasnt even begun to put a dent and what I need to get up there but its a start. today we are donig pictures of pyrex and knick knacks......aahhh pyrex if only you were the right color I would keep you all. :)
I thought i would give you a couple dollmaking links since thats all I think about anymore.Has anyone checked out Claire Pruitts online penny doll making class? I really truly think its worth it.The online support and info is great.i have learned alot more than just making the actually penny doll. Im really excited about it. Iam also expecting a small package from Gail Wilson Gail has this marvelous club where you pick out 12 of her kits and then you get a kit a month for the same reasonable price every month.She has really made me think alot about my supplies and he quality of them. Also Iam thinking it would be much more satisfying to spend alot more time on one quality doll instead of trying to make multitudes of the same thing.
speaking of dolls (haha is there anything else) I finished 1 yesterday and have 3 more almost done. They are totally not like anything Ive done before. Maybe I can get my photographer to take some shots of them too today.We will see,its record heat here once again and with no ac things move sloooow. But no near tragic incidents yesterday or so far today (at 6:30 am) lol thanks for everyones kind words and concerns!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fire and Iam listing vintage items in the morning.

Ok,obviously this is not me or my photo but I thought it is much more pleasant than any photo I could take for this post. Last night while I was listing mushrooms on etsy the gasline broke on our stove (while supper was cooking) and started a fire in our kitchen.we handled it very well but if you have ever seen anyone engulfed in a ball of fire then you know,its scary.We love this house because of all of its original things from the 50s but it really is neverending. Today my beautiful 50s stove is a mess and the knobs melted :( Many of you know its been one thing after another around here and besides all of that we had a pretty serious cooking accident last week AND some lady hit my cart with her truck as I was coming out of the grocery store.she was going very fast for a parking lot and was looking down the rows for a spot. Luckily she heard me screaming and I got out of the way in time. We both ended up crying in the parking lot over that phew....
but on a lighter note tomarrow morning Iam listing vintage items in the shop. I have quite a few pieces of pyrex,my owl collection,some knick knacks,possiby some fabric. i cant decide if I can really give it up or not. I know i cant cut it! lol
Ok I should go now,everyone BE SAFE!!!! xo

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

just listed!!

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just a quick note to tell you what Iam doing. I just listed mushrooms on etsy but what I decided to do instead of list them all was to offer a random mushroom at a lesser price and to put in a surprise piece of something vintage to go along with the shroomy girl surprise. I also have prints listed at 50% off. Thank you Heidi for for the nice blog blurb :) :)!!!!!!!!

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