Friday, May 30, 2008


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I put a few things in the shop tonight. I still have so much more to go.I need to get the rest of the pyrex out of the garage which may take me awhile in this condition. Iam developing a love hate relationship with the couch. Yesterday I watched Waiting to Exhale ( i love that movie) and embroidered.Im anxious to get my appt with the ortho surg over with.My foot is mostly useless and the longer I stay off of it the more useless it becomes and I dont know if you knew this or not but crutches are not kind to big girls,I keep pinching my fat between the crutch and my underwire! lol The happy note of all this is Iam finally getting together a years worth or embroidery patterns I have made.Iam making samples and having pdfs made.I will be so glad to finally have that done.I will give you a little preview soon. :) xoxo


Nina said...

Hi Annie
Sorry to hear about your injury.I had a exploded Achilles tendon and had to have a donor one put in.They gave me crutches to use and it was very hard to walk with .My mother borrow me a walker and it was a lot better.
May you soon recover.
Have a great Day.

Anonymous said...

I have a mini tea set that matches that almost perfectly - I post a pic on my blog the other day....

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