Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fire and Iam listing vintage items in the morning.

Ok,obviously this is not me or my photo but I thought it is much more pleasant than any photo I could take for this post. Last night while I was listing mushrooms on etsy the gasline broke on our stove (while supper was cooking) and started a fire in our kitchen.we handled it very well but if you have ever seen anyone engulfed in a ball of fire then you know,its scary.We love this house because of all of its original things from the 50s but it really is neverending. Today my beautiful 50s stove is a mess and the knobs melted :( Many of you know its been one thing after another around here and besides all of that we had a pretty serious cooking accident last week AND some lady hit my cart with her truck as I was coming out of the grocery store.she was going very fast for a parking lot and was looking down the rows for a spot. Luckily she heard me screaming and I got out of the way in time. We both ended up crying in the parking lot over that phew....
but on a lighter note tomarrow morning Iam listing vintage items in the shop. I have quite a few pieces of pyrex,my owl collection,some knick knacks,possiby some fabric. i cant decide if I can really give it up or not. I know i cant cut it! lol
Ok I should go now,everyone BE SAFE!!!! xo


Lisa said...

WOW! Scary! Im glad youre ok! I hope it all settles down soon for you.

heidi said...

oh my goodness such a string of bad luck, i hope everything gets better and i am so glad everyone is okay!

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