Saturday, May 24, 2008

whoa sweet nellie

whoa sweet nellie, originally uploaded by annieoakleaves.

Arent they so very sweet? I wonder how many I need to have before Iam an official Sweet Nellie collector.Im getting so behind on this,I have some fantastic things from Heidi I want to show you too but Im waiting for a certain birthday to be over before I do.
Those of you know how many near disasters I have been thru in the last few months will not be surprised to find out that I fell in a hole a few days ago.I heard something snap 3 times as I was falling.I think it was tendons or ligaments or something (?) Can you believe it? Carol says my house is cursed. lol I think maybe we need to build a rubber room and hide in it so nothing else happens.On the brighter side Iam getting lots of embroidery done :)


Lisa said...

They ARE sweet! I love her dolls! And after the last few months, I think you deserve them! Enjoy and take it easy!

Gabriela said...


These are adorable!

Warm regards,


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