Friday, May 16, 2008

A day late.....

But better late than never I guess.I just did a shop update,it hasnt even begun to put a dent and what I need to get up there but its a start. today we are donig pictures of pyrex and knick knacks......aahhh pyrex if only you were the right color I would keep you all. :)
I thought i would give you a couple dollmaking links since thats all I think about anymore.Has anyone checked out Claire Pruitts online penny doll making class? I really truly think its worth it.The online support and info is great.i have learned alot more than just making the actually penny doll. Im really excited about it. Iam also expecting a small package from Gail Wilson Gail has this marvelous club where you pick out 12 of her kits and then you get a kit a month for the same reasonable price every month.She has really made me think alot about my supplies and he quality of them. Also Iam thinking it would be much more satisfying to spend alot more time on one quality doll instead of trying to make multitudes of the same thing.
speaking of dolls (haha is there anything else) I finished 1 yesterday and have 3 more almost done. They are totally not like anything Ive done before. Maybe I can get my photographer to take some shots of them too today.We will see,its record heat here once again and with no ac things move sloooow. But no near tragic incidents yesterday or so far today (at 6:30 am) lol thanks for everyones kind words and concerns!


craftswithcare said...

Hi Anne,

Glad to see you in the Penny doll as well as the Gail Wilson classes!
I have added your link to my blogroll.

Talk to you soon,

Carol said...

Oh my gosh!!!!
I think the house is cursed, it's just one thing after another.
Going to check out your shop....

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