Tuesday, May 20, 2008

quick little thought about how old Iam getting

This weekend I went to a bridal shower and I had made the bride a cute little red with white polka dot fabric apron.I embroidered Mrs.(her new last name) on the pocket. It was really cute and a big hit.The interesting part about it was when she tied it on she tied it low slung on her hips,like girls wear their pants now days.(which was very cute and funny) I had to show her where it really goes,which was a good 6 inches higher than where she had it tied.It never occured to me that current styles would effect how ones apron would be worn. Just an interesting thing I never thought of and it definately makes me realize my age.

Another reason why Im feeling old is the swiffer. I loved my old swiffer. Having a little bulldog that sheds enough to make another dog daily,I swiffer several times a day.I loved the old swiffer with the retro green color and how well it picked up the hair.Unfortnately one day it just snapped. I went and bought a "new and improved" swiffer.Can I just say it makes me miserable.It has bumps on the bottom so its not getting all the hair. I find myself sweeping with the broom before I swiffer and its still not getting it.so youre wondering what this has to do with me being old? I wrote a letter and complained.I remember my grandma and her poison pen writing the newspaper and everywhere else she could think of when ever she wasnt happy with something. Even the neighbors,or better yet she would even write the newspaper about her neighbors and they would publish it. I dont remember it ever getting her anywhere.
Well it didnt really get me anywhere either. I got a letter back saying thats the way it is and if I sent them my address they would send me some coupons. yay
Ok enough griping. I need to go take pictures of some fabulous things I got in the mail this past week. Its been like Christmas. Oh and guess what,finally,another shop update in the morning. I finally have good pyrex pics. :) toodles


Tizzalicious said...

Haha, aww, I am 25 and feel old sometimes, so don't worry too much!

By the way, you are Cute Craftster of the Week in my blog! :)

Anonymous said...

You should try Method's "swiffer" - it has a re-usable microfiber pad that works great for picking up dog hair (I have a german shepherd that sheds constantly)

Jennifer said...

I cut up some microfleece in swiffer sized squares to use with our swiffer: they worked great, and were more plush so they caught EVERYTHING. You could probably even use one of those ready-made microfiber towels you can find the the car dept. at Target...

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