Monday, June 2, 2008


I dont have anyone here who is all that interested or excited but I have to tell you what I seen today.I looked out the back door and it looked stormy outside or like there was a high wind and stuff flying thru the air.I got up to look closer and realized it was bugs.So I went outside to look and it was bees! It was so neat,I was standing in a giant cloud of bees and the hummingbirds were just going crazy plucking them out of the sky.I had no idea a hummingbird could eat a bee with that skinny little beak.
But anyway I was standing there and they just went around me and down into the neighbors yards.They were traveling pretty fast,it was over before I could get anyone to look.
Im always happy when I see bees.


Anonymous said...

I dont know that I would be happy if I saw that many bees..hahaha! Great picture:) Have a wonderful Tuesday.

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