Thursday, June 5, 2008

Its here!

My first Gail Wilson kit came today! Its Izannah Walker!I really do have to tell you how shocked I was.The instructions are a dream. Iam always disapointed with instructions,they are always too vague for me.These instructions are fantastic and I really believe by the time Iam done with this doll I will have learned something valuable.The kit came with way more than I expected. I really dont think the description on Gails website does it justice.I joined the custom kit club and i got to choose which kits I wanted.It just blows my mind I have a year of this to look forward to.I really love reading what Gail has to say and her no nonsense way off saying things.She is definately someone who knows what shes talking about and I admire her greatly.


Lisa said...

Lucky you!! And just what you needed while you are couch bound. I checked out her site from one of your previous posts. I am still drooling over all the beautiful dolls and kits! Cant wait to see what you do with it!

robyn fabsits said...

Got a pic of your mushroom girl at the Crammed Organisms show. LOVED IT!!! Thought I'd let you know. You can find it here

anniebeez said...

Oh you have discovered one of the best kept secrets of dollmaking! Gail Wilson! You have many happy happy hours of dollmaking before you!Enjoy! You will learn so much!

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