Monday, October 6, 2008

Wren and friend

Wren and friend, originally uploaded by annieoakleaves.

Meet Wren! I have alot of new creations going on but I wanted to show you this one. I love her so much. she is made from a Edith Flack Ackley pattern,modified of course because I cant leave anything alone.She has a felted wool sweater for a sweater and had,a vintage fabric scarf,tibetan lambskin hair and a little vintage mushroom bird on top of her hat.I just love her to death and cant wait to make more.she was totally inspired by Mitty who makes the most beautiful dolls.Sorry I havent been blogging,Ive been really busy getting things ready for the shop and adding them to it.Im finally making a trip to the post office tomarrow,I ment to do it on the 1st and here it is the 7th already.(sorry) How is the weather for everyone? One day its cool here and the next day its really hot. I almost turned on the air today,in October!!! yikes! Ok Im going to go put her in the shop now before I decide I cant part with her! xoxoxoxo


Wyldhare said...

Welcome to weather in southern California! I am in the north part of San Diego County. October is normally a transition month, one day hot, one day cold, nothing consistant. Real winter, well at least for this area, will show up in November. But I have had my share of 90 degree Christmas days over the years!

Wyldhare said...

Oops! And I love Wren! I was thinking of trying an EAF doll, you are inspiring!

Lisa said...

Shes beautiful Ann! You make such amazing dolls. Im glad youre making some again. I love them!

Anonymous said...

She is so her hair! I'll have to check into those artists you mentioned as I am not familiar with them. I am still new to the world of dolls:)

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