Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Lots of things going on around here,the website disappeared and I had no idea and handed out tons of cards and flyers and then found it wasnt up,spent alot of hours putting it back together,it looked great and I checked before bed....GONE! So hopefully soon that will be done. But for now Paul has the new shop started for me and you can find it here We plan on adding new stuff everyday but for now its embroidery patterns. They are pdfs but I have actual printed patterns,if you are interested in the printed ones just let me know! Ok I need to get off of here and go pick up the kidlet from school. I will come back later with a flyer for where I will be this weekend...Mermaid Mercantile!


Lisa Loria said...

Just wanted to say hello and tell you how much I LOOOVE your work! I don't get to talk to you that much at the Mercantile as we are on opposite sides of the building, but would love to chat you up more next month...hoping to snag a piece or two of your work.
Great Blog! Love you post about being a Mom and trying to instill kindness in everything.
Talk soon,
Lisa Loria

Lisa Loria said...

I understand...last one to leave your nest, huh? I have three sons besides Emily. My eldest is 23 and out of the house. My other 2 sons are 18 and 16...both at home still. The 18 year old is in college, works PT. I had to play nurse-mommy to him yesterday as he hurt his rotator cuff working out at the gym. I had Emily with my 2nd husband who passed away coming on 6 years ago. I so understand how fleeting it is.
Hang in there, Mommy!
We raise our children to be independent and somehow when they get there, it leaves a hole.

Emily is great, a pistol. Daughters are soooo different than sons.

I'd LOOOVE to swap with you...darn...we should have talked the other day, I just feel presumptuous suggesting it.
I think your artwork is AMAZING!

Have a wonderful day!

hjaynes said...

Hello! I met you yesterday in your cute shop...I make homemade soaps. Just wanted to say hi and say thanks for chatting with me for so long. wanted to share my website with you...check out www.olfactoryexpress.com. It's a work in progress, but it's a start! I left your shop feeling so inspired again, so thanks for your encouragement! I'll come by with my hubby to say hi again and bring those pics for the necklaces. Have a great day!
Heidi Jaynes/info@Olfactoryexpress.com

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