Thursday, December 10, 2009

We've Moved!

I think I finally have the website in a good spot and figured out how to do it myself. What a nightmare! I have to say that the last 7 months since I opened the shop I have barely been hanging by the skin of my teeth. I should have kept the website up better and been blogging more but Ive had a really hard time doing it all. I think at this point I have somethings figured out so I dont spread myself too thin and end up getting nothing done like I have been. So please update your links to which you will find HERE
Im working on uploading photos tonight and there should be more to look at in the next few days. Oh boy how I have missed you all!


SewAmy said...

love the picture. I'll check your blog out. It looks great.

Global city condo said...

I will surely visit that site because I am excited to see your photos. Have a great day!!!

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