Tuesday, December 18, 2007

little gnomey girl

little gnomey girl, originally uploaded by annieoakleaves.

I dont think that female gnomes get enough credit so I decided to try to make some.now that she is done though she seems to be bugging me for a Mr. So I guess I will get on that.Maybe after Christmas though,I seem to just be barely keeping up with everything I wanted to do. Isnt it that way for everyone every year? I bet Martha had her shopping done in June. :P


Carol said...

Girly gnomes are cute. Anyhing you make is cute!

chik austin said...

LOVE gnomes!!! The girl gnomes don't get enough publicity. Thanks for speaking up for the girls!

Old School Acres said...

A young girly gnome is such a great idea!! I need one of your dolls...now to decide which?!?!

Anonymous said...

my-my,my little girl has so many blooming talents it blows me away!i wander what am i missing in my inward examinations of present and past explorations into the artistic realm that my daughter now seems to be enjoying!did her native american heritige emerge? am i still stuck on the blue planet?LOVE YOU,DAD p.s give the girls a hug for me!

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