Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Martha Stewart er I mean Martha Mushroom

I don't have alot of time tonight but I wanted to show you what I finished today.This is my Martha Stewart tribute mushroom! she actually started out as Frannies Mr. (sorry Frannie) but she was just screaming out to me that she longed to be Martha Stewart.(probably due to the fact that I tape every Martha show and watched them while sewing) She has a wooden spoon(always use a wooden spoon) a rubber spatula and a nice "faux" jadite bowl. She even has a nice faux bois dress that I know Martha would love to go with her large faux bois collection.Ok so maybe Im a little stalkerish but I swear I dont have pictures of Martha cut out and taped all over my walls! Anyway I have pictures of Martha doing interesting things in my flickr.. and you can have her for your very own if you go to my etsy :)


Carol said...

I am totally Martha obsessed lately too!!!! I tivo her and watch her every morning @ 5:00. I love her but she's kinda beating the faux wood thing to death, no?
Oh yeah, your doll is super cute, nice job :)

Annie Oakleaves said...

thank you! have you seen the craft show? i dont know when she started doing that but ive been watching it every morning for the last few weeks.

Carrie said...

I've been watching Martha a long time, but I never realized that she was so obsessed with the faux wood until they started this crafts show. If you didn't realize... they basically just took all the crafts segments from the old "Martha Stewart Living" show and put them together - maybe that's why i never realized the whole faux wood obsession before, since I think the segments were more spread out before. Too funny :)

Hello Cupcake said...

well Mrs. Martha is so adorable :D

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