Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No more sitting like a lump on a blog!

Things are looking a little less snottier and sore throatier around here. :)
there hasnt been alot going on but I did manage to take a few photos and get things ready to go to the post office tomarrow.Finally,phew!
First off here is a little cutie I finished for Belinda awhile ago but havent been able to get even a decent picture of...

Secondly,my yard!!Things are going crazy back there since all of this rain has been happening.I really need to get out there before it becomes an even bigger jungle.

And lastly this plate,I was getting ready to wash it and realized I should ask blog and flickrland if anyone has seen any like it.My grandma had this set and I ate off of it pretty much my entire life until she passed away.I would be willing to pay for a set or trade anything in my store. Id even be happy with one more plate.All I have now is the one and I almost eat every meal off of it! lol
Keep your eyes out please! hope everyone is well. :) xo


jillian said...

Oh, your flowers are beautiful and make me miss warm weather! We are supposed to get a huge snow storm here tonight. I'll be dreaming of your sunny yard! By the way, cute doll!!

Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous that you have weather warm enough for flowers...

BTW you've been tagged...see my blog

lori said...

I'm glad you're all feeling better.
That little doll is adorable and I'm sooo envious of those flowers. Around here everything is still brown and frozen.

Annie Oakleaves said...

thank you!

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