Monday, February 4, 2008

I've been tagged!

Ive been tagged by Ari.
I still havent been able to do the first tag because I still dont have my computer but this one I can do.
1. What was your first swap?
It was a blog exchange swap.I will admit it,I was trying to score points so I could do other swaps. :)

2. What has been your favourite swap so far and why?
Hmm I havent been in many swaps yet.I really loved the christmas card swap,it was great having tons of christmas cards to put up and the handmade ones were fantastic.I also liked the button fairys..oo I dont know I guess they are all my favorites. Ive been doing alot of really fantastic one on one swaps that I could go on about forever too.

3. What has been your least favourite and why?
The crazy embroidery block swap because I sent it out and it came back and it stresses me because Im late.

4. What have you tried for the first time as part of a swap?.
doll quilts

5. What would be your fantasy swap?
Ive been thinknig about a unfinished project swap because I think it would be fantastic to see all of my unfinished dolls finished in a way I hadnt thought of.

Thank you for tagging me Ari!Since I dont know many people on swapbot yet Im tagging everyone!


Katy said...

An unfinished project swap would be such a cool swap to do, wouldn't it? You should get on it straight away!!!!

Hi, by the way - I found you after I saw your dolls on etsy (they are really cute)

vivian said...

Hi Annie!
I'm just making a quick stop by to say hi and see what your up too. hope your having fun workign on your doll! have a great weekend!

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