Saturday, February 23, 2008

guest bathroom

guest bathroom, originally uploaded by annieoakleaves.

As you probably know,we have had some flooding problems in our house.Our bathroom has been completely gutted and this is the guest bathroom.We also have the floors ripped up in our bedroom and part of the walls.It sucks because that is my sewing area,but it will be nice to have it all fixed and looking good.We spent a week at the hotel which was nice because the rooms were like apartments with kitchens ect. The girls had a great time pretending they had their own place.Today we decided we need a break and went to Coronado (pictures soon) If you are working on your yard (which I have been obsessively since I cant reallly sew) Coronado is a great place for inspiration,so many beautiful homes.I have received some fantastic things in the mail I cant wait to show you.In the next few days I think if its not raining. Night all!!


jillian said...

Hope your place gets put back together soon. You'll have to take pictures of your new sewing room so we can all see! As far as gardening, not too much of that around here (too much snow I guess :) ! Did my package arrive yet? If not, she should be there soon!!!

Elizabeth Ruffing said...

Oh no :( I hope everything is back in order soon! Good luck with everything.

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

Oh, I totally feel for you. After major storms last winter and this winter we experienced flooding in our basement. At one time we had 8 inches of standing water in our basement - it got to the point where we stopped pumping because the water table would recharge and re-flood our basement. We lost a lot of possessions last year, but thank god, it's an unfinished basement. I hope all is repaired soon at your home and without any fuss.

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