Monday, February 11, 2008

It's a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

This past weekend went rather fast for me but I think it went well and I accomplished alot.Yesterday we planted some bulbs and herb seeds and transplanted some things.There was a small tree growing up against the garage so we decided to try to move it and see if it would make after much debate we found the perfect spot for the tree and begun to dig.Not 6 inches under the ground I hit pipe,At first I thought it was a root and tired to pull it up.It did not give,thank goodness!So then we found a less than perfect spot for the tree and begun to dig again,ok 6 " and no pipes we're doing good,it has a big root ball so we need to dig a deep hole,ok just about one inch deeper....guess what? pipe! We did get the tree planted but I would have preferred the original spot. Lol Im so glad I didnt bust the pipe.Last week our bathroom flooded and now we need to replace that whole bedroom floor and possibly out into the hall and the next bedroom.Just a month before our guest bathroom flooded and we had to rip walls out for that.Ah old houses,you gotta love them. Ive been told this house is a money pit but I think it hasnt quite hit money pit status yet (fingers crossed)(or no wait knock on wood) (wait dont knock on wood with our luck it would knock a wall down)
So Ive been tagged by the extremely talented Jillian I need to post 5 random things about myself.. hmm here we go... :)
1.)Iam an obsessive sewer (sewer?) Ok how about I sew obsessively.:) If I start something I have a hard time going back to finish it because I have so many ideas going around in my head so alot of times once I start something I wont stop until its done EXCEPT to feed my family and things I need to do but if Im by myself I wont even stop to eat or anything else really.
2.)I have only lived here for less than a year and I still havent made any friends and its starting to worry me!I realize I need to leave the house more to make friends but Im too busy sewing!Its a vicious cycle! lol I love the friends Ive made online and hopefully we will meet in person someday!
3.)I have 2 adult children and 2 still at home :)
4.)I was raised around my grandparents farm and love to get my hands and feet in the dirt. now that Im in the city I really appreciate the way I was raised and the kind of person it made me.
5.)I have lived in 7 differant states in the last 7 years and California is my final stop!
Ok that was harder than I thought,Im kind of boring! I tag Lori Ari and Elizabeth


jillian said...

OK, you are so NOT boring. 7 different states, I would say you sound adventurous! I also understand the "obsessiveness". I know I drive my husband crazy when I start on a new project I just can't stop talking about it, looking at it, working on it, tweeking it. It is pure madness! Kinda the way I feel when I start looking at all of these blogs. It's new to me & I just get caught up in all the creativity, hours just fly by!!

Elizabeth Ruffing said...

Thanks for thinking of me...I racked my brain and I came up with five:

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