Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ahhh,the weekend..

King Bolete, originally uploaded by Batram.

It Saturday AM and lucky me,everyone is still asleep and it looks like the marine layer is really thick this morning so maybe it wont be too hot.I love it when the house is quiet and I can hear the birds.The flock of parrots go over every morning and I always think Im going to get up early and watch them but I never do. This morning I caught them.It seems like the flock is getting bigger. At the start of summer the flew over in groups of 3 or 4 all day. It seems now like they got their act together and made friends and a schedule. I cant wait to see if the same thing happens next summer.
I have alot of plans for the weekend,one of them being to photograph all of the things I have made recently and the other is to write a little something for a certain magazine Im really excited about.My plan is to try to have everything in the shop by the time the magazine comes out,although the idea of listing more than 100 things on etsy in one sitting is daunting. Is it even humanly possible?I may need to enlist the fam in this one.I can just imagine the brain fog I will have after that .
Did anyone else read about Travis Barker this morning. ugh. I read he is in the burn unit. Hopefully everything goes well.
How about you what are you up to this weekend? I really appreciated reading everyones 9-11 stories,it makes you realize what a big world it is.


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