Friday, September 12, 2008


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This is Ruby, I have a new set coming soon featuring her and her friends.
So how is everyone? It seems like forever since Ive blogged.We caught a bad round of something around here,its kind of like a cold kind of like the flu,I cant decide. August was a big month for me,Ive been meaning to tell you about it but here it is almost halfway thru September and I still havent. Ok so heres a list
1) Two of my children started their first days in college,(yay)
2) We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in California
3)Iam now on my last year of my 30s and had a beautiful sunset dinner at the crab shak on the beach.The whole week was a great birthday actually.
4) I got accepted to something I was really really crossing my fingers on.
5)School started and my youngest daughter is captain of the football team!
6) Its been a year and I finally have a workspace set up in my little corner of the house.
So far September has been interesting,aside from everyone being sick. I accidently caught the pincushion bug and now have right around 100 under my belt (in the shop soon) Scary I know,I was trying to think of a way to use what I have because Iam very limited on space and have enough stuff to fit a large studio.Pincushions have been very satisfying because it doesnt take long and they end up so cute. Ive been making pins for them and adding everything I can find to them. Im trying to put together little sets of things to go with them. Im pretty excited about it,pictures soon. I keep thinking today is the day I will take pictures but then end up making more..I cant even imagine what its going to be like to list all of them on etsy...oh my.
Yesterday was Sept 11th and I woke up to my youngest singing The Star Spangled Banner in her room. It made me weepy thru out the day.When that happened I had just moved to Spokane Washington and was watching Good Morning America with my dad.It was so shocking. What were you doing that day?
xoxoxoxoxo Annie


Lisa said...

Wow! And I thought we had a busy month! Congratulations on your 1 yr anniversary! And here in Cal. too! You sound like you had a beautiful birthday. You deserve it! Thank you for sharing the adorable Ruby! I cant wait to see your cushions. To answer your question- I was pregnant with Emily. That morning I was getting Bren ready for school and turned the TV on to see how the weather was going to be. It was on every station. Maybe it was the preggo hormones but it just made me weak. I got Bren and Ja and we watched together as I tried to explain to them why I was crying. Since we live next to one of the largest air bases, school was canceled in case there was an attack there. It was all just so chaotic and everyone was so afraid.

susanc said...

I had just quit a job that I hated the day before and woke up around 5:50 a.m. PDT and turned on CNN, like I always do first thing in the morning, and it was right after the first plane had hit. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I stayed glued to the TV for what seemed the next few days, horrified by what was happening, and yet unable to pull myself away. I cried a lot those days. What made it even worse was that I was by myself, as my family was on a cruise at the time. Those were scary days and nights.

Carol said...

Wow! Great news for you!

Carol said...

I also meant to say...
I have the original stitched Ruby. Remember when you sent me the drawing and i stitched her and made a softie?

Stefeven1 said...

Great patterns !! thank you sssoooo much !

St├ęphanie from France

Stefeven1 said...

Great patterns !! Thank you sssoooo much!
St├ęphanie from France

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